Electronics Installation

Electronics Repair

Mobile Tech provides electronics installation of new equipment as well as upgrading and improving on existing equipment.

There is a lot to be considered when installing a theater system in someones home or office. The placement of the Television as well as the acoustical design of the surround system is very important in achieving optimal visual and audible experience.

surround room

Television Installation: Mobile Tech can work with the customer to find the best television on the market. Economical, Reliable and Performance are three of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new piece of equipment. Mobile Tech can deliver, unpack, and install the television if need be. TV mounts can be provided and come in several different designs. All hookup cables as well.

I will be more than happy to visit the location and give a free estimate on what I believe would be the best size, make and model television for the area of concern.

Stereos and Surround Sound System Installations: Stereos and Surround Systems come in many different styles. 


Stereo and surround systems can be fairly complicated at times. All the hookup wires and then even after the setup is complete operating the system can be quite the task. Before purchasing any equipment, I talk with the customer and look at the location the equipment is going to be installed to make sure that the equipment is designed well enough for the application but not over designed to were only a fraction of the equipment will actually ever be used. Also after the installation is complete, I make sure that the customer has no problem operating the equipment.

Upgrading Equipment: Most people don’t take full advantage of the equipment they have or just don’t know how too.

I have many jobs where after being behind the entertainment center, and rewiring the equipment, will have a pile of wires left over that were not even necessary. I like to make a system user friendly, so that the customer may be able to operate their equipment, and not feel overwhelmed by the technology.