Audio Repair

Audio Repair


Mobile Tech encourages that you call and talk with the Technician about the problem you are having. He can then decide whether he needs to be able to look at the system and how it is setup in order to determine if the equipment has a problem or there is a parameter problem such as a hookup issue.

Audio Repair

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Audio repairs vary greatly depending on the complexity of the setup.

Most Audio systems today have many wires and different connections. Some surround systems may be hooked to multiple pieces of equipment such as DVD Players, CD Players and VCR’s as well as Wireless transmitter receiver units to stream online programming such as Netflix and HULU.

Mobile Tech can install new equipment as well as re-wire existing equipment for optimum performance.

After 30 years of designing, re-wiring and installing Audio and Visual equipment, most systems are not installed user friendly. All of the inputs are hooked to all of the outputs which makes the entire system complicated and hard to operate. We like to simplify so that you get the best performance from your system as well as user friendly capability.